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COVID conspiracy stickers removed by Greens

This evening our branch Coordinator James Vessey-Miller and our Secretary Reece Learmouth found a concerning number of anti-mask stickers placed in high-traffic areas along the seafront.

The bright orange stickers were postcard-sized and put on highly-visible benches and signs along the Westcliff seafront area.

The statements made on this sticker are categorically false and medically harmful.

There is no medical evidence that says mask wear causes circulatory problems, bacterial pneumonia, or brain damage. Right now, a higher risk of harm to you and your family comes from you contracting COVID due to not wearing a mask and following NHS guidance.

Our team removed the ones that we found, but some might still remain. Local Green Party members have been asked to remain vigilant and remove or report any more such stickers if found.

If you find any of these stickers or similar;

Photograph it, make a note of the location, and remove if safe to do so, washing your hands thoroughly immediately afterwards.

Alternatively, please report via the MySouthend (graffiti) portal, specifying location, and attach images.

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