Greens Respond to Proposed Southend Bypass

29 September 2018

With the seemingly unanimous support of most Southend residents, Mr Courtenay seems to have hit the nail on the head with a wonderful and potentially election-winning idea... Or has he?

Greens Call Public Meeting over £55m Museum

24 September 2018

If in less than a year, the publicised cost of the project can increase by £15m, how long will it be before we reach the £80m threshold prophesied by SKIPP almost a decade ago?

Southend Pride 2018

23 July 2018

This week, 14th-21st July 2018, has been a blaze of LGBTIQA+ culture, community, and splendour in Southend. Returning for the first time in over fifteen years, Southend Pride featured a packed week of literary, theatrical, faith, musical, comedic, and social events, and it has been truly spectacular.

A Dark Day for Southend Healthcare

09 July 2018

Simon Cross gives his analysis of the recently announced decision to close Orsett Hospital, and the other decisions likely to affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of NHS users across South Essex.

Central Southend Community Policing Meeting; May '18

30 May 2018

Yesterday, three members of our local party attended the Community Policing Meeting at the Civic Centre focussing on the town centre wards of Kursaal, Milton, and Victoria. The meeting saw most of the attendees raising the same issue about different locations across the three wards; Drug dealing and Drug Use on our streets.

Ten Reasons to Join the Green Party in South East Essex

08 May 2018

The South East Essex Green Party is rapidly becoming the radical alternative to the tired politics present locally. We are already enough of a political threat to have rattled the Conservatives and Labour into action in parts of Southend. There has never been a better time to join the Green Party in South East Essex - why not join the revolution?

Southend Conservative Candidate in Leaflet Fiasco

28 April 2018

They say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; Mr Harland seems to have taken it literally.

Green Election Campaigns Begin

09 April 2018

Our message is simple: Southend residents are tired of the status-quo in Southend Council. We offer a radically different choice for voters, and we will continue our work to make Southend a Fairer, Safer, and more Responsible town.

Green Action Work Continues

25 March 2018

It's safe to say that despite the weather doing it's best to thwart us, Green Action is off to a flying start for 2018.

The Threat of Nuclear Power.

14 March 2018

By 2030, the UK Government wants to yield 16GW capacity from Nuclear Power – double what we have now to provide 40% of required output. To achieve this goal, the Government has listed eight sites as 'suitable' for the construction of new Nuclear reactors. One of those sites is Bradwell, Essex.

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