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The High Cost of Parking in Southend

Over the past few months, the council and residents have been embroiled in an unproductive debate over car parking in Southend town centre, the associated parking charges, and what impact this will have on the town’s businesses as we recover from the COVID pandemic.

As the town’s large seafront businesses lobby the council for increasingly lowered car parking rates and the under-pressure council eyes up more locations for new and larger car parks, new insight from the Green Party suggests the obvious solutions no-one is talking about. […]

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Greens Select our Candidates for the 2021 Local Elections

The Green Party has selected a full slate of nineteen candidates that will represent every area across Southend in the upcoming Local Elections in May.  Our candidates are a diverse and energetic group of passionate locals keen to bring Green ideas to the table. Our representatives reflect the truly diverse nature of the town, featuring […]

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Thomas Love; on Seaway, and Southend’s Cinema History

Following the news that Southend Council has approved the controversial Seaway developments, our Candidate for Leigh Ward, Thomas Love gives us his thoughts on the development and its potential impact on the existing ODEON cinema.  Cinemas have been a part of Southend’s colourful local history for almost a century. The Rivoli, Southend’s first dedicated cinema, opened […]

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Southend Council has approved the controversial Seaway development.

On Wednesday’s crucial Development Control Committee, a narrow margin of councillors voted in favour of granting planning permission to the controversial scheme. Despite staunch opposition from neighbouring residents and vocal pleas from many seafront businesses, a proposal to refuse the scheme was narrowly rejected by seven votes to nine and the majority voted in favour of […]

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Central Southend Community Policing Meeting; May ’18

Yesterday, three members of our local party attended the Community Policing Meeting at the Civic Centre focussing on the town centre wards of Kursaal, Milton, and Victoria.
The meeting saw most of the attendees raising the same issue about different locations across the three wards; Drug dealing and Drug Use on our streets. […]

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