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Greens Publish Results of Cycling Survey

Stephen Jordan is one of the Green Party candidates for Westborough.

In August 2020, the South East Essex Green Party launched an open survey of the town’s residents on their experiences of cycling in Southend. The survey, which has been open for eight months, saw avid bikers and non-cyclists alike contribute to the results. The data published today paints a promising picture of many would-be cyclists, […]

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Greens Select our Candidates for the 2021 Local Elections

The Green Party has selected a full slate of nineteen candidates that will represent every area across Southend in the upcoming Local Elections in May.  Our candidates are a diverse and energetic group of passionate locals keen to bring Green ideas to the table. Our representatives reflect the truly diverse nature of the town, featuring […]

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Greens open new office in Southend

Members of the South East Essex Green Party in the new Office, opened by Amelia Womack On Friday 6th March 2020, the South East Essex Green Party opened a brand new office in central Southend. Opened by Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Amelia Womack, joined by members of the local Green Party, this new […]

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