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The Campaign to get Green Voices on Southend Borough Council has begun

Work to elect Green Councillors to Southend Borough Council in the 2018 Local Elections has begun.

The first foray into the 2018 Local Elections has begun, and the South East Essex Green Party are pleased to announce a full list of our 2018 Candidates.

We are pleased to announce we are standing eight dedicated Candidates across Southend in the Upcoming Local Elections.
Our candidates are from a multitude of backgrounds, and we are proud to be standing several LGBTIQA+ and Disabled candidates.

Our message is simple:
Southend residents are tired of the status-quo in Southend Council.
We offer a radically different choice for voters, and we will continue our work to make Southend a Fairer, Safer, and more Responsible town.

Our local Candidates believe strongly in creating a town that is fit for the future, cares for the most disadvantaged in our community, and that fights to safeguard and improve the wellbeing of Southend Residents.

Unlike the Conservatives, we’re not career politicians, and we’re not in this to serve our own interests.

No fancy expensive office for us! We work hard IN our community

We are dedicated local people who understand the issues our town faces. We know because we live here. 
Our candidates are Care Workers, Students, Accountants, and Teachers; people who understand and are part of our communities.

We are already hard at work in our area, striving to improve the quality of our town, and defend it from Conservative cuts.

We regularly run year-round community cleanup events, and we are often seen on Southend’s beaches litter picking.

We unite communities and work with them to fight the Council’s many damaging projects, and we are the only group locally that truly prioritises our environment.

Unlike some other parties, you’ll see us working hard year-round to improve our Green Spaces

We don’t receive Thousands of pounds in financial support like the other Political Parties do. All of our work is done by dedicated volunteers happy to give up some free time to make Southend the town we know it can be.

We believe strongly about fixing some of the problems that have plagued Southend for years, and we offer ACTUAL solutions:

  • We have several solutions to tackle the Homelessness crisis head-on.
  • We will Reinvigorate the empty High Street, and support local businesses.
  • We will end the Tory-backed construction of Luxury High-Profit homes and will work to provide a sustainable housing policy.
  • We will tackle the town’s traffic issues and will fix the congestion on the struggling A127 and A13.
  • We will radically improve Public Transport infrastructure and implement new Safe Cycle routes.
  • We will not allow any NHS downgrades, and we will fight for ALL of our public services.
  • We will improve and create new Leisure Facilities, and we will create new Green Spaces in the town.
  • We will create new local renewable energy systems that will ensure our town is ready for the future.

We offer a new, fresh, and exciting vision for Southend and you can see our Manifesto here:

Freya, Clare, & Vida on a beautifully sunny campaign trail!

Many residents are already offering huge amounts of support for our campaigns, and many lifelong Conservative and Labour voters have chosen to support our radical vision for Southend after years of damaging council inaction.

Most Southend residents agree with us that Southend Council has failed to take our town forward, instead, pursuing multi-million-pound vanity projects like the Cliffslip Museum, Better Queensway, The Forum 2, and the Seaway CarPark development that only serve to win the Council awards.

We don’t believe that in a time when Southend has one of the worst Social Housing crises in the country, and the UK’s 8th highest number of Homeless people, we should be spending £40MILLION on a geologically-unstable Museum, and building on three of the town’s most-used Car Parks.

For us, Southend Council has prioritised all of the wrong things for too long.

A change is overdue in Southend, and we believe that we are the people to achieve it.


We don’t believe that politics has to be a shouting match.
There is no “winner” or “loser” in Elections, but rather a choice of people offering differing priorities.

Instead of openly attacking other political parties, we show you how we’re different, and what a change we can make with your help.

Will you help us #MakeSouthendGreen?



A full list of our 2018 Green Candidates can be found in the Candidates section of our website.

For all of our news, updates, and information; Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


A full list of every Candidate in all 17 wards in the upcoming Local Elections can be downloaded here:

Statement of Persons Nominated – Local Elections 2018

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