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SEEGP Opposes further Airport Expansion

Recently the SEEGP were asked to comment on the recently released Southend Airport Expansion plans; in which, plans are to extend the Airport buildings and increase overall capacity. We oppose any further expansion of Southend Airport, and we are in opposition to these proposed increase in capacity. […]

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New Thames crossing proposals point to further air pollution for Essex

The Green Party has responded to Highways England’s consultation for a new £ multi-billion tunnel to be built under the Thames between Tilbury and Gravesend (1).  Highways England claim that the tunnel will bring economic benefits to the Southern and Eastern regions and that it will help to reduce congestion at the current Dartford crossing. […]

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Essex County Council Waste Strategy Goes Up in Smoke

ECC Cabinet approves contract policy that could cost Essex taxpayers £15 million a year to burn residual household waste Essex County Council has approved (Cabinet 22nd September) an SRF contract policy that could see the outputs from their Basildon Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) waste plant being trucked to private waste burning facilities to be incinerated […]

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