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Ten Reasons to Join the Green Party in South East Essex

Freya Fletcher, Clare Fletcher, Vida Guildford

Understandably in recent years, many of us have become disconnected and disillusioned with politics.

It’s a dirty word – and no-one wants to talk about it.
The mere mention of it sends shudders through the spines of the majority of those reading this.

Election after Election; Empty assurances and broken promises from countless unseen Councillors.
A local and national media that flexes its bias at the slightest suggestion of change.
A cutthroat and spiteful inter-party bickering that cuts people down rather than spawning fresh ideas.

It easy to see why so many people have fallen out of favour with the electoral process.
Politics shouldn’t be a case of survival of the fittest, or “Who’s Loudest Wins” as it often is.

This Local Election was no different.

With low turnout and a general trend of apathy amongst the electorate, many felt that voting was pointless, and that the average person was powerless to enact tangible change.

This manufactured boredom resulted in the predictable return of a Conservative majority Council, with only small gains from opposition parties despite monumental effort.

However, we did see something positive in 2018:

Locally, we saw the successful reelection of Green Party Councillor Stuart Wilson in Hullbridge to Rochford District Council.

We also saw a notable increase in the number of Green Votes across Southend.

Of the eight wards we contested this year, seven wards saw a increase of Green Votes compared to 2016.

In Victoria Ward, we returned a massive 246% increase on 2016’s result, to hold a 14% share of the vote.

Nationally, the Green Party celebrated many significant successes.

Greens have broken through onto an additional 6 councils across England and our new councillors have taken a total of 10 seats from the Tories and 9 from Labour.

In Solihull, the Green Councillor James Burn was reelected with a massive 78% of the vote.

The Greens are now the main opposition on five councils including Lambeth, Norwich, Solihull, Mid-Suffolk and Islington.

The Green Party now has 170 Councillors across the country working hard for their communities.



The South East Essex Green Party is rapidly becoming the radical alternative to the tired politics present locally.
We are already enough of a political threat to have rattled the Conservatives and Labour into action in parts of Southend.
There has never been a better time to join the Green Party in South East Essex – why not join the revolution?

  • The South East Essex Green Party is entirely run by dedicated volunteers working hard to hold the council to account on issues like Litter, NHS Services, Parking & Traffic, and the protection of our Green Spaces.

  • We’re normal people! 
    Unlike the two big parties, we’re not career politicians being ferried into safe-seats. We are Students, Carers, Accountants, Factory Workers, and full-time Parents – we are just local people passionate about improving our environment.

  • We work hard in our communities YEAR-ROUND.
    You won’t just see us at election time, we conduct cleanup events, campaigns, and talks all year round – whatever the weather.

  • We’re not told how to Vote.
    Labour and the Conservatives have party “whips” that encourage its MPs and Councillors to vote in line with National Party Policy.
    Our elected officials are free to vote however they want, resulting in a better outcome for residents.

  • We’re not just about getting elected.
    We host and attend regular community cleanup events, charity fundraisers, demonstrations, and cultural festivities.
    We feel that community cohesion is the vehicle for a better society as a whole, and as such, we contribute in whatever ways we can.

  • We work harder than most elected Councillors!
    We attend every Council meeting, read every budget proposal, scrutinise major planning proposals, support grassroots community projects, attend local Business meetings, and much much more.

    As exemplified in the Wirral, one Green Councillor has done more casework in a year than all the 39 Labour councillors put together.
    We work really really hard.

  • We’re not just about the Environment.
    The Green Party is a party of social and environmental justice, which supports a radical transformation of society for the benefit of all.
    Locally, we’re proud to regularly put forward a representative selection of candidates from a variety of backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, and disabilities.
    All of our members, Officers, Candidates, and Councillors care deeply about the environment and the threats that we as a society must address, but we also believe fundamentally in transforming our communities into a sustainable and responsible society that is fit for the future.

  • We are the only Political Party locally that openly has a Ethics & Accountability Policy, and all of our Councillors and Candidates uphold and embody the Nolan Principles.
    Everything we do is considered and rational, and we always seek a broad and collaborative approach to local Politics.

  • Our Manifesto is considered, rational, and costed.
    We have a long list of radical changes that we believe will transform South East Essex into the pioneering model of the future we know it can be.
    Renewable Energies, Community Gardens, better Public Transport infrastructure, a solution to the Homelessness crisis – we have a plan for it all.
    Our area faces some serious issues that need dealing with now – we will be the change that our towns so desperately need.

  • By joining the Green Party, you can have a direct impact on your local area.
    By joining in with our events, meetings, or even standing as a candidate – you can help shape your community.
    As a member of the Green Party, uniquely for any Westminster Party, you can directly affect the national party’s Policy Process just by becoming a member.

For as little as £5 a year – why not join the fastest-growing political movement in the country.

Join The Green Party Today:

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