Green Party announces Southend Borough Council candidates

14 April 2016

Some of the 2016 Green Party Southend Council candidates

The people of Southend to again have the chance to reject "Business as Usual" politics that are destroying our planet.

South East Essex Green party is delighted to announce that for the second year running Greens will be standing in every Southend ward. Those residents who reject "business as usual" politics will again have the opportunity to vote for a candidate that opposes the expansion of polluting activities; activities that have brought us to the cusp of the runaway greenhouse effect and mass loss of human life.

People in the town will again have the chance to vote in favour of Green compassionate policies; policies that will sustain a sound economy, rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the needs of the majority of people in the town – like the housing crisis. Greens oppose the expansion of the road network, for example plans to widen the A127 to three lanes, and oppose out of town shopping complexes, like that proposed for Fossetts Farm. Greens support expansion of public transport and, if elected, will deliver a safer town, with lower speeds, where people can have an improved quality of life and greater freedom to walk and cycle.   Our policies will reduce pollution and offer the only proven way to reduce congestion - offering practical alternatives to car use.

The Green Team of 2016 is:

Belfairs Nick Brown
Blenheim Julian Esposito
Chalkwell Revd Mark Meatcher
Eastwood Park Fiddian Warman
Kursaal Elizabeth Swanson
Leigh Jon Mullett
Milton Stephen John Bartram
Prittlewell Abbie-Jade Sutherland
Shoebury Nigel Outten
Southchurch Paul Hill
St Lukes Jason Pilley
St Laurence Tanya Rayment
Thorpe Jo Bates
Victoria Ian Hurd
West Leigh Sarah Yapp
Westborough Paul Mansfield
West Shoebury Steve Jordan

The local Green Party has a local manifesto that compliments the national manifesto, available here.