Green candidates secure more of the vote

11 May 2015

In 2010 the South East Essex Green Party was only able to field general election candidates in Rochford & Southend East and Southend West, securing an average 1.6% share of the vote. In 2015 we were able to field four constituency candidates. This being the first time we stood in Castle Point and Rayleigh & Wickford our share of the vote was again low, but better than the 2010 results elsewhere. However in 2015 we trebled the share of our vote in the two Southend and Rochford constituencies. We also fielded council candidates across the borough of Southend, securing over 7% of the vote, ahead of many other candidates. This is how election success is achieved; you start at a low base and build incrementally at each successive election. 

In 2020 the nation's priorities will be different. The EU question will almost certainly have been resolved, Labour will probably again occupy the centre-right ground, the injustice of the super-rich getting even more tax cuts will be seen as an affront by all, and the pain from climate change will be felt ever more keenly. These factors will see an unprecedented increase in the share of the Green vote. Between now and 2020 we will be working hard to move the LibDem and Labour parties to one side, so that genuinely socially progressive Greens can challenge all Conservative seats - and win! We thank all those who voted for us and assure everyone that the fight for 2020 has already begun.

Simon Cross: Rochford and Southend East
Dominic Ellis: Castle Point
Jon Fuller: Southend West
Sarah Yapp: Rayleigh and Wickford