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The Green Party is the only party standing up for students and putting young people at the heart of its campaign. Education is a right, not a commodity to be bought and sold, and we need a level playing field so everyone has the chance to go to university or college. 

"Students need a liferaft in the Brexit storm. They are being ignored in the Brexit negotiations, despite having the most to lose. Funding for our universities is under unprecedented threat. The Green Party will not let young people miss out on opportunities to study, travel and work across Europe because of a decision that they so emphatically voted against.   

Building a better future for young people is an absolute priority and today we are committing to policies that will help us work towards an open, fairer society where everyone has the chance to succeed.” - Green Party Co-leader, Jonathan Bartley.

The Key Green Party Policies FOR Students:
  • Scrapping Tuition Fees Entirely.
  • Write Off ALL existing Student Debt.
  • Reinstate Maintainance Grants.

Sounds good right?

Read more on the Green Party Website:

Young Greens

Young Greens are the youth and student branch of the Green Party.
We harness the energy and ideas of young people and change the direction of our society towards a sustainable and just future.
We believe that our political system must be changed from the inside as well as by wider society.

We exist to combine the principled actions and campaigning we see in our communities with electoral politics. We aim to represent the values that have disappeared from politics and left people disillusioned. We organise within and beyond the Green Party in the interests of young people.

Find out more about Young Greens:


South East Essex Green Party; working FOR Students.


Our Young Greens Officer is James Vessey-Miller.

As well as being responsible for the representation of Students' interests in the SEEGP, James is also the point-of-call for any young Green members in South East Essex.

James, having just finished studying his BA at South Essex College, he has a strong involvement in Southend Student Politics.

He was the Higher Education LGBT+ Officer on the South Essex College Student Union for three years, fighting some of the most high-profile issues in the college while pioneering many key campaigns.

James also represented South East Essex at the National Union of Students Conference in 2015 and 2016.

"Representing and supporting Students has been a big part of my life for the last nearly four years, and I'm really excited about being able to continue my work for the South East Essex Green Party" - James Vessey-Miller.


Student membership of the Green Party cost just £5 a year - that's just over 1p a day.
As well as being a part of one of the fastest-growing political movements in the country, your £0.01 a day could help stop Fracking, help invest in renewable energies, or save our NHS.

Join the Green Party | Green Party Members' Website


Being a Student in Southend can be a weird and alienating experience.
But, it can also be the time of your life.


We've put together this Southend Student Guide to help you navigate anything you may face.


1. Doctors.

If you've never lived in Southend before, and you're gonna be here for the next 3+ years, it's worth registering yourself at a GP as soon as you can.
Hopefully, you'll never need them, but if you do, they'll be there for you.

The closest GP Surgery to town is the Southend Medical Centre (50-52 London Road SS1 1NX - 01702333298)
It's convenient location close to the University Square halls, means it's popular with Students, but it's often busy.

There are many GP surgeries in Southend and there's likely to be a closer alternative for you to choose.
Use this handy List of Surgeries in Southend to find one right for you.


2. The Dentist.

Stop screaming. 
Yup, like the Doctors, it's worth registering at one of these just in case the unthinkable happens. *shudder*

The closest to town is Southend Dental Care (4 Southchurch Road SS1 2NE - 01702465000)

Other Dentists are available, and a quick Google search should prove handy.


3. Registering with the Council.

No, this isn't a sneaky way of getting you to pay Council tax.
As a Student, you're exempt from Council Tax (exemption N) so don't panic about that.

Registering for a MySouthend account means you can get email updates about your area, including events.


4. Registering to Vote.

Nothing worse than getting all worked up before an election, getting to a Polling Station, and being told to bugger off.
We've all done it. 

Register to Vote:


5. The Student Union.

Unsurprisingly, the Student Union exist to make your student experience better.
From local events, to clubs and societies, to epic nights down the Pub - the SU is worth knowing.

There are two Student Unions in Southend.

One for the University of Essex students. 

And one for the South Essex College students.


There's a chance the SU are looking for new officers. DO IT.

Being a Student Union Officer is an incredibly rewarding experience, and it looks amazing on your CV.


6. The NUS Extra Card.

This thing is the stuff of legend. 
If there's one purchase you do when you become a student, it's getting an NUS Extra Card.

SERIOUS discounts on loads of your favourite things, from Cinema trips to Eating out - it's all there.
And, 100% of the Money you give to the NUS gets put back into the amazing work that the National Union of Students do.

Get An NUS Extra Card:

Find out about the National Union of Students:


7. Join the Green Party.

We're joking. Or are we? You should consider it. ;)


8. Save Something.

Student Finance is one of those tricky things in life designed to test you.
Being paid three times a year makes budgeting really difficult.

A sage piece of advice is to put some money aside [in physical form] just in case you might need it.

  • Have a Coin Jar going.
    Put your loose change in a jar or box - after a while it accumulates a fair amount.

  • Supermarkets like Sainsbury's have the option to buy prepaid gift cards.
    Buy two £25 ones at the start of every term. If you're short of cash, you won't go hungry.
9. Be a Part of Your Community.

Living in a new town away from home can lead to long periods of time spent away from people.

Get involved in a local good cause, do some volunteer work, join a local club. Become part of the wider Southend community, and make new friends outside of Uni.

[ If you find everything gets a bit much, talk to someone. There are many people around that are here to support you. Talk to your Student Union, or you can talk to the Samaritans anytime by calling 116 123 ]


10. Enjoy It!

You're probably fed up of people telling you to enjoy your time as a student, but it's true.
Being at University is one of the best experiences of your life, live it to the max.

Make new friends, create memories, and develop as an individual.



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