Rayleigh & Wickford

Paul Hill

Our 2017 parliamentary candidate for Rayleigh & Wickford is Paul Hill.

Paul is a musician and a stay at home father of five who has been politically active for many years, campaigning tirelessly for local issues such as homelessness, housing and police cuts. He is working with campaign groups to fight against the relocation of Southend Hospital Accident & Emergency. Paul will also fight for:

  • a quality education system promoting knowledge not profit where schools, colleges and universities are not competing and drowning in unnecessary exams
  • fairly paid NHS staff who can work in a protected health service that puts our families first
  • a police force that will not be continually depleted and run by people who have never served as an officer.

However none of the above will be important if we keep ignoring the greatest threat to us all: climate change. Politics will not matter when it is too late.